Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rebecca Lucile Schaeffer

Only 21 years old when she was shot and killed n 1989, Rebecca Lucile Schaeffer had a career that was just getting started. Best known for her role in the sitcom My Sister Sam, Schaeffer was shot by Robert Bardo, a 19-year-old who was a crazed fan. After stalking her for three years, writing letters and attempting to gain access onto the set of My Sister Sam, Bardo hired a private investigator to find her place of residence. The PI was able to locate it through DMV records.

Bardo dressed up as a flower delivery man and approached Schaeffer's doorway. When she answered, he shot her once in the heart. He was arrested the next day.

The death of Schaeffer set the ball in motion for California's anti-stalking laws. It also helped change the law regarding the release of information through the DMV.

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